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11 Oct 2002

On the BBC Radio 4 show I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, one of the rounds includes suggestions for ways to improve Britain's sporting record, by modifying existing sports, or devising new ones. Here are some of the teams' suggestions, along with some of my suggestions. If you have any ideas you would like included, please e-mail me here, and I will add the best ones (with full credit to you of course)

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The 100cm Dash - Linford Christie could break the tape without leaving the starting blocks! Milton Keynes
22 Nov 1999
Drag Racing - Our competitors will be Lily Savage and Barbara Cartland Milton Keynes
22 Nov 1999
Underarm Javelin Milton Keynes
22 Nov 1999
They could give a medal to the first team home at the olympics Milton Keynes
22 Nov 1999
Boxing - to include other forms of packaging Milton Keynes
22 Nov 1999
There could be a nine medals or less queue at the olympics Milton Keynes
22 Nov 1999
A word of sympathy for the English Women's Badminton Team, for whom this year has been all shuttle and no fun at all! Milton Keynes
22 Nov 1999
Synchonized Slimming Kevin Hale
Putting The Shot back in the bag Kevin Hale
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