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17 Feb 2013

On the BBC Radio 4 show I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, one of the rounds includes suggestions for announcements of the late arrivals at a certain society ball - the Farmers' Ball etc. Here are some of the teams' suggestions, along with some of my suggestions. If you have any ideas you would like included, please e-mail me here, and I will add the best ones (with full credit to you of course)

Balls by Name:

Advertizers' Ball Americans' Ball Anatomists' Ball
Archæologists' Ball Aristocrats' Ball Artists' Ball
Astronauts' Ball Astronomers' Ball Australian Ball
Bakers' Ball BBC & ITV Ball Beauticians' Ball
Big Gamehunters' Ball Booksellers' Ball Broadcasting Ball
Builders' Ball Butchers' Ball Car Dealers' Ball
Car Salesmen's Ball Caterers' Ball Catering Equipment Purveyors' Ball
Charities' Ball Cheesemakers' Ball Chefs' Ball
Christmas Ball Circus Performers' Ball Clerics' Ball
Clothiers' Ball Clothing Manufacturers' Ball Common Market Ball
Communications Ball Confectioners' Ball Conservative Party Ball
Countryman's Ball Cowboys' & Indians' Ball Cricketers' Ball
Criminals' Ball D.I.Y. Ball Dancers' Ball
Darwinian Ball Delicatessen Ball Dentists' Ball
Detectives' Ball Dickensian Ball Doctors' Ball
Dog Lovers' Ball Drapers' Ball Driving Instructors' Ball
Drunkards' Ball Ecclesiastical Ball Ecological Ball
Economists' Ball Electrical Goods & Allied Industries' Ball Electricians' Ball
Embassies' Ball Equestrian Ball Estate Agents' Ball
Euro Ball Expectant Mothers' Ball Explorers' Ball
Fairyland Ball Farmers' Ball Fashion Ball
Financiers' Ball Fishermen's Ball Fleet Street Ball
Football Managers' Ball Footballers' Ball Frenchmen's Ball
Funny Foreigners' Ball Furniture Salesmen's Ball Gamblers' Ball
Gangsters' Ball Gardeners' Ball Geographers' Ball
Geordies' Ball Gourmets' Ball Greengrocers' Ball
Hairdressers' Ball Health & Efficiency Ball Historians' Ball
Holidaymakers' Ball Hollywood Ball Hoteliers' Ball
Household Furnishers' Ball Housewives' Ball I.T. Ball
Insects' Ball Insurance Salesmen's Ball Irish Ball
Journalists' Ball Keep Fit Fanatics' Ball Licenced Victuallers' Ball
Linguists' Ball Literary Ball Londoners' Ball
Lovers' Ball Mad Scientists' Ball Magicians' Ball
Menswear Department Ball Military Ball Morticians' Ball
Motor Mechanics' Ball Motorists' Ball Music Lovers' Ball
Musicians' Ball Nannies' Ball Newsagents' Ball
North Americans' Ball Old Testament Ball Orientals' Ball
Ornithologists' Ball Overweight Ball Painters' Ball
Parliamentary Ball Pensioners' Ball Pharmacists' Ball
Photographers' Ball Plumbers' Ball Politicians' Ball
Publicans' Ball Q - none yet! R.S.P.B. Ball
Radio Ball Rag Trade Ball Removal Men's Ball
Restauranteurs' Ball Roman Ball Royal Ball
Russian Ball Sailors' Ball School Days Ball
School Teachers' Ball Science Fiction Ball Scottish Ball
Scouts' & Guides' Camping Jamboree Ball Secret Service Ball Security Services' Ball
Shakespearean Ball Sporting Ball Sports Equipment Ball
Sportsmens' Ball Stage, Screen & Radio Ball Stockbrokers' Ball
Students' Ball Tailors' Ball Television Ball
Theatrical Ball Tourists' Ball Transport Ball
Travel Agents' Ball Travellers' Ball TV Awards Ball
Undertakers' Ball Vets' Ball Vicars' Ball
Victorian Christmas Ball Weatherman's Ball Wild West Ball
Wine & Cheese Ball World War II X - none yet!
Y - none yet! Zookeepers' Ball

Balls by Letter:

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